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I remember the very first day my family got the internet...
My family all gathered around the family computer in our living room in ~1999/2000, the sweet, crunchy screech of our dial-up connecting...

I haven't logged off since.


video games, digital + traditional art, girlpla + model kits, tamgotchi, one piece tcg, watching long-ass video essays, reading, attempting to learn languages, web design, crochet
one piece, trigun(+stampede), fullmetal alchemist, paranoia agent, chainsaw man, futurama, psych, good omens, black books, the catherine tate show, doctor who (old + new)
disgusting amounts of fanfic, many manga/LN, various memoirs (i'm glad my mom died, wishful drinking, the woman in me, an unquiet mind, wasted, the center cannot hold, smoke gets in your eyes, etc), psychology books (the body keeps the score, the boy who was raised as a dog, the man who mistook his wife for a hat, hallucinations, etc), the time machine, flowers for algernon
kamikaze girls, one piece film red, anything by satoshi kon (esp paprika), studio ghibli (esp the cat returns), deadpool (1 + 2), suicide club, noriko's dinner table
story of seasons/harvest moon (mfomt / awl / gb), stardew valley, animal crossing, the legend of zelda (botw / totk / ww / alttp), pokemon (gen 2 / hgss / gen 5), ace attorney, the sims, cookie clicker, hamtaro ham-ham heartbreak, skyrim, taiko no tatsujin, visual novels / dating sims, indie games
dresden dolls/afp, mcr, ninja sex party, penelope scott, rio romeo, zheani, emilie autumn, katzenjammer, rasputina, asian kung-fu generation, ado, namie amuro, yoasobi, kenshi yonezu, the pillows, yuki kajiura, anime/video game ost
togetchi, rilakkuma, cinnamoroll, earl grey, other fancy tea, autumn, fountain pens, stationery, bubble tea, melon soda, stickers, plushies, figures, nendoroids, cosplay, nerd cons, collecting stuff, lying on the floor dissociating

what is a milkpowderbun?

It's basically a delicious yeast bun filled with a milk powder souffle paste.

T H I S ‎ is a recipe I've found, but you can search online for
"奶酥面包" or
"Nai Su Mian Bao"
for more info. i'll make my own recipe one day and post it here!

Image by Freepik