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absolute faves

one piece (ongoing)
need i say more?

chainsaw man (ongoing)
hahaha chainsaw dog heh boobs wait why am i crying oh god it hurts

trigun / trigun maximum
beautiful amazing stunning masterpiece sci-fi space western that will make you cry

fullmetal alchemist
silly magic fighting turned government conspiracy turned a silly magic fight with god

mob psycho 100
we stan the body improvement club here

death note
i take this potato chip, and EAT IT!

stuff i would recommend

My Solo Exchange Diary (and others)

not so great

in progress


in progress

i know i read this but i forgor

angelic layer attack on titan BL metamorphosis chobits dragon ball
gyo uzumaki shiver smashed fragments of horror
smashed tomie liminal zone deserter lovesickness
tombs soichi dissolving classroom junji ito's
cat diary
jisatsu circle
menhera-chan my brain is
my brother's
otokonoko doushi
renai chuu
boku ga watashi
ni naru tame ni
mom i'm gay madoka's secret citrus loveless
yuyu hakusho rurouni kenshin chrono crusade .hack//legend of
the twilight

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