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Ongoing manga that I'm caught up with and reading as they come out

One Piece Chainsaw Man Goblin Slayer One Punch Man

Way of the
My Girlfriend's Child My Hero Academia (more to be added)

new-to-me series that I'm reading

She loves to cook, and she loves to eat (ongoing)
oh my GOD lesbian neighbors to lovers???? THIS IS SO CUTE AHHHHHH!!!!

She loves to cook, and she loves to eat
By Sakaomi Yuzaki

Current Chapter: 27 of 37 (in English, so far)

Oh my GOD it's so fucking CUTE I think I'm going to die.

I had to stop everything I was doing once I finished volume 3 to add this here. I'll add a more in-depth review a little later, because I have lots of (good) things to say about this series.

a josei sports romance manga about a poetry card game

By Suetsugu Yuki

Current Chapter: 192 of 247

The only reason I haven't finished this masterpiece is because the source I was reading on only had 180 chapters and I did not realize there were more, so I blasted through all 180 and then, upon seeing there were 67 more chapters, ran out of steam.

It's a great series, though. Somehow, the author managed to make this seemingly 'light action' card-based sport, Karuta, just as edge-of-your-seat as any other sports manga. There's a hefty dose of romance, too, and as someone who doesn't usually care about romance, I am INVESTED.

I can't wait to see how it ends, but I don't want it to be over.



Current Chapter: BLANK of BLANK


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