‧₊˚ Dec 16 2023 ˚₊‧

doodled new cloud banners, made some minor edits and fixes, added 'shrines' page to be completed later.

‧₊˚ Oct 16 2023 ˚₊‧

changed the main font bc I opened the site on a different computer and it didn't look nearly as good as it does on mine lol

‧₊˚ Oct 15 2023 ˚₊‧

edit: i've thrown together a new background (that I actually really like), changed up the footer again, and colored the scrollbars!
revamped this updates sidebar so it is an embed that pulls from a more easily editable separate html page!

also made the navbar and footer embedded, like the updates, so i can update them in one location and the changes will appear on every page. it also saves a buncha lines of code from each page lol

‧₊˚ Oct 14 2023 ˚₊‧

added a 'navigation' page for links to all of my pages, instead of trying to shove them in the navbar, lol, and also made the container height dynamic!

also also added a visitor counter, and an automatic 'last update' in the footer, woo!

‧₊˚ older ˚₊‧

I didn't make this nice update sidebar until 10/14/23, so I don't have any older site updates...